DSC_03381. When did you start driving and what did you first drive?
Started driving at 9 years of age.  It would have been a David Brown 995 tractor which met it’s demise shortly thereafter – which proved my enthusiasm for speed when collecting round bales.  After that there were numerous bangers put to good use honing my driving skills around the fields.

2. How did you get involved in Motorsport?
Marshalled with Midland Motor Club around 2002 and met Declan Tansey, who put me on the right road in relation to the car I was building.

3. What is your daily driver and what is your competition car for the weekend?
Daily driver is a 08 Honda Civic Type R.  Competition car is a Honda Civic EG6 1600cc, no German rubbish let around my workshop!

4. What is your occupation?
Machine fitter and part time gentleman farmer – two ponies in training for next year’s Cheltenham!

5. What is your highest achievement to date in Motorsport?
Third in class 11 in Midlands East Rally Championship and won class 8 in the Hillclimb Championship

6. What is your favourite thing about Hillclimbing?
The craic, the relaxed atmospheres and the friendship.  Everyone will lend a hand and not see you stuck to make sure you get your runs in and the enjoyment of the racing.

7. What car would you most like to drive on a hill?
Formula 2 Citreon Zsara kit car, one the same as Philippe Bugalski used to win Rally Spain in 1999, beating all the 4 wheel drive WRC cars in a front wheel drive Xsara.

8. Who is your Motorsport idol?

9. What are your hobbies outside of Hillclimbing?
Cycling road and mountain bikes, target shooting, fishing and training the ponies for Cheltenham.

10. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you need to bring with you?
A fishing rod, a gun and a box of matches

11. Is there anyone you want to thank?
My Mum and my sister for feeding me at the hill climbs and rallys, the two nephews for the travelling support, the Dad for the lend of the jeep to pull the car trailer, Shane Bell for the help in the garage, the rally clubs for organising the rallys and hillclimbs, the marshals, time keepers and officials for giving up their free time and Bank of Me for being so agreeable in the building of the Civic.