Competitors, Get Involved!

Photo by Martin Gallagher

People often ask how can I get into motorsport as a driver. It’s pretty straight forward – here are a few of the essentials:

The very first thing you’ll need is a competition licence. You can get these from Motorsport Ireland – You’ll need to join your local motor club and ask them to stamp your licence application form. Then get your medical, fill out the form and send it off to Motorsport Ireland complete with your licence fee, completed medical form and photo. To take part in hills and sprints, you’ll need a National B Speed category licence. This will entitle you to compete in any car up to 1650cc. After you have successfully completed six events (that would be three championship weekends), you can apply for an upgrade to a National A speed licence. This entitles you drive cars over 1650cc.

Safety Gear:
If you want to compete, you have to wear all of the safety gear required by Motorsport Ireland. That includes fire proof underwear, three layer suit, balaclava, helmet and gloves. All of these items must be in date and be valid according to this years scrutiny requirements. On the off chance that it all goes wrong, you’ll be glad you are wearing it. See the Technical Requirements Section for futher information.


An essential component you would think! You have two options here – either buy your own or rent one. Regardless of which path you choose, it is up to you (the driver) to ensure that your car meets the scrutiny requirements as set out by Motorsport Ireland (and the FIA). See the Technical Requirements Section for futher information.

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