With many drivers tweaking and modifying their hillclimb cars to improve them for 2016, and indeed a number of new builds due out on the hills, the hillclimb committee are also working with a view to continuously improving the sport.
With safety always being paramount and our number one priority, we strive to bring you the safest event venues possible and also to ensure that the competition cars are of the highest standard in terms of maintenance and repair.

With this in mind, in early March there will be pre-season scrutiny days available for competitors who plan to compete in hillclimb and sprint events during the year. It is not compulsory to attend but it is strongly advised for all competitors in all types of vehicles.

At this meeting, you can have your car checked in detail and speak with experienced scrutineers without pressure of failing scrutiny at an event. If your car is a new build or perhaps has an engine out, why not bring it along in the condition which it’s in? The scrutineers will also answer questions on class/award eligibility, roll cage design, crash structure design, etc.

This is a great opportunity for all competitors. Your car may have passed scrutiny at it’s last event however this year, the scrutineers will be extra vigilant on all aspects of scrutiny. We want all competitors to have time to work on any points raised. Attending pre-season scrutiny gives competitors 4-6 weeks to carry out work, instead of a rushed scenario on the morning of your next event.

Pre-season scrutiny day 1:

Saturday 12th March, Frank Byrnes Autobody, Oranmore, Galway from 11am-3pm. Thank you Frank!

Location: http://www.frankbyrnes.com/#!location/c2q4

Pre-season scrutiny day 2:

Sunday 13th March, John Linane Motors, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow from 11am-3pm. Thank you John!

Location: http://www.johnlinnanemotors.ie/

We hope to see you there!

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