After an enforced long layoff in competition, the hillclimbers of Ireland are dusting off their cars, taking the race suits out of the washing machine, pumping the tyres of transporters and getting ready for the resumption of the Connaught Competition Engines Irish Hillclimb and sprint championship 2010.

The venue for the latest instalment of the championship is North County Dublin just beyond Dublin Airport. The MEC have defied the odds and have organised 2 great and different venues in Dublin. The Saturday event is based in The Naul village and Sunday’s venue is near the village of Lusk. What an exciting prospect of competing with Irelands fastest cars in the most populated county in Ireland! Entries have been very strong to date and it would not surprise if a near capacity field was attained both days.

Both venues are reputed to be challenging and the surface is smooth tarmac with ample paddock facilities, including a parc ferme Friday and Saturday night. Being so close to a major city there will be plenty of spectators to be entertained!

Entry regs and Accommodation lists are available in the downloads section of the site so if you are coming hillclimbing get in gear!!