Overall and 7 – ‘Libre Class:

Still held by Sylvie Mullins in his Gould Gr37 with a time of 83.55


6 – ‘Super single-seater Class’

Still held by Rob Dwane in his OMS 26 with a time of 86.79


5 – ‘Formula Ford/Vee Class’

Still held by Enda Byrne in his vee with a time of 108.99


4 – ‘Historics Class’

Steven Kelly in his mallock smashed the class 4 record of 112.24 on Saturday with a time of 106.59, but on Sunday Dave Griffin beat the Stevens record by almost 2 sec with a new record time of 104.63


3C – ‘Sportscar Class’

Jim Hutchinson beat the old record by a massaive 8 sec setting a time of 98.24, but on Sunday Ned Doherty set a lower record of 97.45


3B – ‘Ultimate Saloon Class’

Breadon keans time of 102.54 set in his westfield was pipped by Shane bell on Saturday with a time of 102.18, but on Sunday James kent in his Hayamini set a new record of 101.76


3A – ‘Super Saloon Class’

Rob Dwane’s time of 104.78 was beating by the smallest of margins by Eyre Massey in his pulsar with a time of 104.76

2 – ‘1600 Saloon Class

Retained by Tommy Gardiner with a time of 108,73sec in his Honda Civic EG


1A – ‘Bantam Saloon Class’

A new record set by Dara Fay with a time of 105.09 in his Suzuki swift beating the old record of 110.97 by Lewis Dunlop


1B – ‘Cento Challenge Class

Still held by Gary Egan with a time of 124.18


8A- ‘1650cc 8 valve rally cars

New recort set by Seamus Anderson with a time of 118.33


8B- ‘1650cc 16 valve rally cars

New record set by Grahan Bradley with a time of 116.10 in his honda civic,

But the record lasted 24 hours as on Sunday Mark Haydon set a new record of 107.92 in his Darrian T9


9A- ‘2100cc 8 valve rally cars

New record set by Sean Lillis with a time of 107.81 in his Ford Escort


9B- ‘2100cc 16 valve rally cars

New record set by Christopher Snow with a time 109.45 in his Honda Civic


10 – ‘Unlimited Rally Class

New record set by Tony Ferris with a time of 111.96 in his BMW Compact