The 2018 season undoubtedly had a faultering start but finally we’re set to go!

Carlow Hillclimb is set to kick start the rest of the season in 1 week.
With 5 double header weekends to go, the full Championship is up to play for.  We’re really looking forward to the reunion on the Friday night in Carlow, a catch up on everyone’s off-season prep. 
Rob Dwane has to be impressive in his new super-charged Hyabusa OMS 25, surely the main contender with his ability and increased power. Billy White and Gary Egan will certainly keep him honest.  Although if Billy takes as long to get up the hill as he does to build his shed, he might not be so competitive.  Rory Stephens’ freshly rebuilt Radical certainly caught the eye of both the media and spectators in St Goueno, France earlier this month.  He was fastest out of all Masters cars through the speed trap at the cross roads- no mean feat.
Ben O’Brien will really add to the excitement if he finally gets his 500+bhp European Spec M3 Racecar  to the start line.  This surely has to be the car to watch with the combination of all that power with Ben’s right foot. 
Neil Dugan’s Cosworth 2.4 will hopefully be back under the bonnet and, if so, he can mix it with the best of them. 
Could Derek McGuiness’ Talbot appear in Mick O’Shea’s Historic Class?  That would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. Great to see John Farrell has an entry in his immaculate MkI rally car (or maybe he will choose to go back and join his old buddies in the ‘hysterics’?).
Mad Dog McKinley and the Scort will have some tenacious battle with Ben O’Brien’s new European Spec BMW.  Even giving away 200bhp, there’s sure the be great banter and battle here between the pair of them.   
Carlow is so close now – who else can’t wait to drop the clutch on the line and go as hard as you can up a stretch of tarmac? See you all on the 6th…