Now that the season is all but finished and the championship awards received its time to look forward to another season of Hillclimbs and Sprints in 2011.

What will 2011 bring for Irish motorsport?
In the midst of the current economic recession things like Motorsport seem to be hit very hard. All is not lost for Hillclimbers and Sprinters though, as our discipline of motorsport is weathering this storm well when all things are considered. There is a need to increase our entry numbers, so if you know of a car/driver sitting in a shed looking for an inexpensive day out, encourage them to go Hillclimbing!
This year saw nearly 20 first-time competitors register for the national championship which is a very encouraging sign. In 2011 we may have a few more new people register for the championship as we all work to improve our sport.

The rally car classes, while not having a large entry this year,  gives a fair outlet for any rally competitor who can participate in a few events. The fact that they must run on rally tyres also gives them a fair chance against their fellow competitors in the class, and saves the expense of a set of soft Hillclimb slicks.

What about the regular competitors plans for next year? As ever, there are many cars in various  states of fettle in garages all around the country, waiting for the new season to start. Telephones are buzzing and emails are flying all over the country in the search for parts, help and information. The urge to improve and find more power or less weight is a strong one with Hillclimbers, so it will be very interesting to see what comes out of the workshops and garages next Spring when the season starts again.