Here are some of the guidline regulations for the 2024 junior class.

The full regs will be out soon in the 2024 Motorsport Ireland yearbook

21. DRIVERS BRIEFING. Hold the driver’s briefing at the advertised time. During the briefing, point out any particular hazards on the hill/course. Explain the importance of obeying marshal’s signals and stress the meaning of the red/yellow flags. Be sure to explain the running order and turnaround system. A guideline document will be provided by the Hillclimb commission to each club hosting an event.


Juniors will have an extra separate briefing after the main briefing 

3.2. Classes.

1J Junior Saloons, Ages 13 to 17

Production / Modified production saloons, Cars eligible for this class are:

Fiat Cento challenge as per Hillclimb Technical regulations 1B.

Cars that comply with junior rallycross regs.

Junior mini challenge cars

As per mini challenge regs


 cars as per J1000 regs 


Minimum of Junior Speed for class 1J.

Proposed Rule:

33. Juniors competing in class 1J

Class 1J is for juniors aged from 13 to 17 to compete in hillclimbs & Sprint.

Juniors must be accompanied by a Co pilot at all times while driving

Juniors must hold a minimum junior speed licence (13 to 16)

Co Pilots must be 21 or over and hold a minimum national B licence

Juniors and co pilots safety equipment must comply with appendix 2


Current FIA standard including 8853/98, 8854/98 and 8853/2016, (Belts will remain valid for 10 years after the date shown on the relevant label).


In accordance with FIA Standard 8855-1999 seats are valid for 5 years from the date (manufacture date ) shown on the label. For MI National Events seats remain valid for a further 10 years after this (i.e. for MI National Events seats are valid for 15 years from the date shown on the label).

Parent or Legal Guardian of juniors must be present at event

Juniors can double drive with another juniors or their co pilot or another driver in who is entered the same car in another class.

There will be an extra driver briefing for juniors after the main drivers briefing.

Juniors will have a familiarisations run on the course in convoy behind the bike marshal at a controlled speed at the start of the event before there practice run.

32. ENTRY FEES Entry fee for a one day hillclimb or sprint is €180.

 Entry fee for atwo day hillclimb or sprint is €280.

Junior entrys fees for a one day €150,

Junior entrys for a 2 day €250.

 Entry fees must be paid by the closing date for entries. Payment should be by electronic means, unless such means are not available to the club or competitor in which case an alternative method of payment will be accepted.

22. DRIVERS. 22.1.

 Only one person is allowed in a competition car at any time during the event except for juniors and co pilot competing in class 1J