Following the Pre-season Scrutiny, the Officials have become aware of a potential issue that may affect some competitors.
As FHR devices are compulsory for most classes this year, harness mounting points and their location relative to the driver are more important than ever. 
One issue highlighted with single seaters in particular was the angle of the harness relative to the horizontal behind the drivers shoulder. This should be between 0 and 20 degrees downwards as per section 7.6, Appendix 2 in the Motorsport Ireland yearbook. 
It is also advised that competitors make themselves familiar with the guidelines for harness mounting in relation to the Hans or Hybrid device as per the manufacturers recommendations and the FIA. 
For further information contact MI scrutineer Jason Keogh on 0872903782 
For anyone who has not yet got a FHR device they are reminded of the 10% discount with Murray Motorsport available for Hillclimbers.