The latest news from Irelands fastest and oldest unrestricted form of motorsport.

There are a lot of rally competitors who have been hit hard by the current recesion probably worst affected have been the rally competitors. Everyone knows of a few cars sitting in garages ready to compete but the money needed to compete in a rally just is not there. What do you do with these cars and drivers? Rather than sit in the garage, why not try a hillclimb, for a modest entry fee you get 2 days of competition, with very low running costs. There are NO HANS DEVICES NEEDED! Fuel cost are likely to be no more than 20 – 30 litres a weekend and one set of tyres will easily last the whole season! Its a great chance to compete in some of the best venues in the country in a relaxed and social athmosphere!

The Hillclimb championship consists of 7 weekends racing in all parts of Ireland. Each day, saturday and sunday is treated as a seperate round, and your best 10 rounds count. There are superb venues in Clare, Galway, Wexford, Tipperary, Limerick, Wicklow and Donegal all on the calender for this year. The Hillclimb and Sprint committee have added 2 dedicated rallycar classes to the Championship. This is in an effort to encourage competitors who have a rallycar but no Hans devices etc.

Class 8 is for rallycars up to 1650cc. Cars must run rally ready (spare wheel, seats, tyres etc)

Class 9 is for rallycars up to 2050cc. Cars must run rally ready (spare wheel, seats, tyres etc)

All rallycars over 2050 and all 4 wheel drive Rallycars are now eligable for Class 3(b). Cars must run rally ready (spare wheel, seats, tyres etc)

Come along to the Launch and open forum day in Portlaoise on March 7th for more information and championship registration.