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    When you get to a Hillclimb or Sprint, you’ll hear a lot of unusual phrases flying about. This is your guide to the lingo.

    Absolutely nothing to do with cosmetics. Avons are a brand of tyre used by a number of competitors.

    When you are red flagged on a timed run or in the unlikely event that you catch up to another car on your run this is called a Baulk Run. You should be eligible for a re-run.

    Brake Problem
    Generally means that driver did not press the brakes in time or at all.

    Caused by the departure of the Celtic Tiger. A phrase often uttered by drivers in reference to the surface of the hills. Most drivers are Irish and have grown up on these roads… yet it still surprises some.

    See single seater.

    Canoe Head
    See Single Seater Driver.

    Strategically placed at some events to reduce the approach/exit speed at that particular location. To some they represent another thing to hit.

    Clerk of the Course. This person is responsible for the event. Nod and smile politely.

    Drivers Briefing
    A meeting on the morning of each event where the organisers explain how the event will be run.

    Electrical Problem
    Someone forgot to put electricity in their battery.


    Use: “That corner is flat”. Actually means: “I lifted off the accelerator approaching the bend and gently pressed the brake pedal”.

    Fuel Pump Problem
    Someone forgot to put fuel in their car.

    Generally refers to the vintage of the cars driven in class 4. Does not neccessarily refer to the age of the drivers.

    Machine, The
    The competition car.

    A die-hard motorsport fan who helps run an event.

    A very common problem that mysteriously affects most cars especially when they are beaten by another competitor.

    One book expert.

    Generic term of endearment which can be used on pretty much anybody in the paddock – with the obvious exception of the event organisers.

    A trophy or award usually given to the top placed competitors at the “Pot Giving”.

    Use: “I need more power/go”. Definition: A common complaint when beaten by another competitor usually one with a slower car.

    Use: “I scared myself”. Definition: “In my estimation i cannot go any quicker”.

    The person who checks over your car and safety gear at Scrutiny (see below).

    Where you get your car and gear checked over to make sure they meet the safety requirements as defined by Motorsport Ireland and the FIA.

    Every event has a Secretary who handles all the entries, paperwork and generally ensures that everything runs smoothly. Always be polite to this person.

    The act of looking out the side windows to go forward. Normally the domain of drifters, there is plenty of sideways to be seen during the year. Although we might as well tell you now… it doesn’t make for good times.

    Also known as Document Scrutiny, this is where you go to sign your entry documents and have your licence and scrutiny sheet (provided by the Scrutineer) processed.

    Single Seater
    Formula type cars – wheels hanging outside of the body.

    Single Seater Driver
    Drivers of Single Seaters are loud, fiery in temperament and seemingly allergic to rain.

    The #1 excuse used by every driver when they don’t get the time needed to beat the person ahead of them.

    Sticky out Wheel Car
    See single seater.

    Traditional type saloon car. Drivers of Tin-Tops are generally quite normal and enjoy splashing in puddles.