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    2022 Hillclimb & Sprint Classes & Definitions. As per Appendix 81 of MI Yearbook and MI Bulletins*

    Please email publicrelations@www.irishhillclimb.com should you have any queries about which is the correct class for your car.

    See the Technical Requirements section for further information and downloads.

    1A – ‘Bantam Saloon Class’ 

    Production / Modified production saloons up to 1400cc.

    Roadsters’ up to 1400cc.



    1B – ‘Cento Challenge Class’ 

    Fiat Cinquecento / Seicento as per Technical Regulations published on the MI website.

    Cento regs 


    2 – ‘1600 Saloon Class’    

    Production / Modified production saloons 1401 – 1650cc.

    ‘Roadsters’ 1401-1650cc


    3A – ‘Super Saloon Class’

    Production / modified production saloons 1651cc to 2100cc

    Roadsters’ 1651 – 2100cc

    Front engine Sportscars up to 1650cc (car derived engines)

    Front engine Sportscars up to 1200cc (motorbike derived engine)

    Silhouette cars up to 1650cc

    Space-framed saloons up to 1650cc


    3B – ‘Ultimate Saloon Class’    

    Production / modified production saloons over 2100cc

    ‘Roadsters’ over 2100cc

    Silhouette cars from 1651cc-2100cc

    Space-framed saloons over 1650cc

    Front engine Sportscars with bike derived engines over 1200cc

    Front engined Sportscars with car derived engines 1651-2100cc

    4WD Production saloons / modified production saloons.


    3C – ‘Sportscar Class’  

    Silhouette cars over 2100cc

    Rear engined sportscars up to 2100cc

    Front engine sports cars with car derived engines over 2100cc.

    Alloy & composite saloons unlimited.


    4 – ‘Historics Class’ 

    Classic cars as per HRCA regulations (reference MI appendix 49 and FIA

    Appendix K). Compliance documents required: HTP, HRVIF, or Written confirmation

    of compliance with the HRCA regulations from an authorised representative of the HRCA.


    5 – ‘Formula Ford/Vee Class’  

    Formula Ford 1600 / Classic Formula Ford 1600 as per current or previous Ford Motorsport regulations.

    Formula Vee as per current or previous Formula Vee regulations (Appendix 45).

    It is permitted to use the current AVON tyres in lieu of the Dunlop tyres specified in previous regulations.


    6 – ‘Super single-seater Class’  

    Single seaters up to 2100cc having only 2 valves per cylinder

    Single seaters up to 1650cc having more than 2 valves per cylinder


    7 – ‘Libre Class’

    Single seaters over 2100cc having only 2 valves per cylinder

    Single seaters over 1650cc having more than 2 valves per cylinder

    Rear engined sportscars over 2100cc

    4WD cars (to cover any 4WD vehicle that is not rally/production/modified production saloon)


    8A- ‘1650cc 8 valve rally cars’

    2WD Rally cars up to 1650cc with not more than 2 valves per cylinder

    . 8B- ‘1650cc 16 valve rally cars’

     2WD Rally carsup to 1650cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder.

    9A- ‘2100cc 8 valve rally cars’

     2WD Rally cars up to 2100cc with not more than 2 valves per cylinder.

     9B- ‘2100cc 16 valve rally cars’

     2WD Rally cars up to 2100cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder

     10 – ‘Unlimited Rally Class

    ’ 2WD Rally cars over 2100cc


    Subject to sufficient entries these classes must apply to all Championship events. The organising

    clubs may include extra classes or amalgamate classes, subject to the approval of the Hillclimb

    /Sprint Committee.

    Rally cars must run “Rally Ready” – to include tyres, seats etc.


    Appendix 81, 3.1 Definitions

    Production saloon: Bodyshell as originally manufactured. Includes any steel monocoque production road car which was manufactured with more than 500 examples and has more than 2 seats.

    Modified Production Saloon: (as above) bodyshell may be modified but no section may be space-framed. Any part of the bodyshell which is modified must be replaced by the same material of equal or greater thickness, wheel arch material is free and Including Mini’s with removable front section.

    Roadster: (Bodyshell as above) Includes any 2 seater and 2 door steel monocoque, open or closed top. e.g. MR2 or MX5.

    Alloy & composite saloon: Production saloon with more than 500 examples whose chassis is not manufactured from steel.  e.g. Morgan

    Spaceframe: A tubular structure which if removed would prevent the vehicle being driven.

    Silhouette saloon: Chassis space-frame / alloy / composite. Bodywork to have the appearance of a large production road car with the same dimension of windscreen as that car. e.g. RT2000

    Space-framed saloon: Bodyshell may be modified, Must retain the original roof, A, B & C pillars and sills of the original car and have the appearance of this car.

    Sportscar: open or closed top, with enveloping bodywork. Includes prototypes. Kit car: A vehicle that can be purchased in component form for self-assembly,             capable of being road registered and that are on sale to the general public. Including the Two-Seater or  2+2 or  single  seated

    Single seaters: Open wheeled single seater formula type racing cars.

    Turbo / supercharger: cc x 1.7 applies to all classes

    Rotary engine; multiplication factor of cc x1.5 applies to all classes. The 12a engine may run in the appropriate two valve per cylinder class and all others in the appropriate over two valve per cylinder class.
    *See current MI Yearbook and MI Bulletins in case of mid-season updates.